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Modern And Latest Hairstyles for Pakistani & Indian Girls

Modern And Latest Hairstyles for Pakistani & Indian Girls

Modern And Latest Hairstyles For Pakistani & Indian Girls

modern and latest hairstyles for pakistani indian girls Modern And Latest Hairstyles for Pakistani & Indian Girls

Modern And Latest Hairstyles For Pakistani & Indian Girls

Hairstyles: Most attractive and important part of personality. Personality also depends on Hair style you are men or women. Latest Pakistani Hair Styles are now in your reach, easily. Through you can find different Pakistani Hair Styles. Here is many kinds of Hair Style tips for Pakistani Girls and Women, which includes Hair Styles for Short hairs, Hair Styles for medium hairs, and Hair Styles for Long hairstyles, Bob cut Hairstyles, Bang Hairstyle , popular hairstyles like updo hairstyles for long hair, prom hairstyles for long hair, curly hairstyles for long hair, wedding hairstyles for long hair and lots of new sexy styles.

Modern And Latest Hairstyles For Pakistani & Indian Girls


Modern And Latest Hairstyles For Pakistani & Indian Girls

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Modern And Latest Hairstyles For Pakistani & Indian Girls

Modern And Latest Hairstyles For Pakistani & Indian Girls
Modern And Latest Hairstyles For Pakistani & Indian Girls

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  1. Im planning what to do with my hair for my wedding. I really want to do the bang bump thing where the front is pulled back with some height im not sure if im going to have the rest of it straight or with loose curls but i really need some photos of this… i can only find one and its not my favorite. any help?

  2. i have dark brown hair that is about 3 inches longer than my shoulders. i want to try something new and in-style. i have long side swept side bangs… what hairstyle should i do?

  3. lildevilgurl152004

    I want her side bangs, how do I tell my hairdresser that so they look like hers?

  4. I have long curly hair and i straighten my bangs,so what hairstyles would look nice for the first day of school,(If you can please add some pictures,THANX)

  5. I have a whopping 9 cm long forehead and I’m sick of having bangs. what other hairstyles would look good on me?

  6. Ok so I am planning to completely trim my hair so that it’s short because of a dire situation – major split ends plus i wanna new look. Now I have cut my hair short before because I’ve donated it about 3 times.. I might wann donate it again but what type of haircut should I get. The hair length will be about shoulder-length but what should accompany it – bangs? A feathered hairstyle?

  7. callofduty5123412

    I always though that guys get haircuts and girls get hair styled.

  8. I’m trying to find a good website where you send a picture in, uploaded or whatever and then you goof around with hair styles to see what would look best on you through the photo you sended. What are good websites for that. I need them to be free though and easy to use if possible.

  9. Would a long / medium hair style be better which hangs down like curtains or a shortish style like spiked?

  10. What hair style looks best on a man of each ethnicity. Meaning, what hair style looks good on a white man, then a black man, then an asian, than mexican, then asian, ect.

  11. My face is very round and I have had a hard time finding a hair style that I think would suit my face. Would a short style be totally off limits? I would like a short or medium cut, but I’m just not sure if it would make my face look even rounder than it already is. Thank you in advance for the help!

  12. I love showing up at school with a different hair style each week. Somethings simple yet sassy. Like half hair up and half hair down. Or curling my hair. What other styles can I do?

  13. Hey! Over the years, I have just kept my hair down, and I think it’s time for a change! I have wavy/curly hair, so can you please tell me some hair styles that I could do? Thanks so much!

  14. I have very straight black hair. I want to grow my hair out a little bit – what are good hair styles for that? Examples? I don’t want any “emo” hair, just normal stuff.

  15. What are some good hair styles for an asian like me, any pictures?
    I am wanting to try some new hair styles this summer. Nothing crazy or emo. If you have links of pictures give me the link.

  16. I always get teased because I have a big forehead. How do I hide it with a hair style?

  17. I need some more hair styles :)
    If you go to my Instagram you can see what my hair looks like. My username is imagingergirl333

  18. I am wanting to try some new hair styles this summer. Nothing crazy or emo. If you have links of pictures give me the link.

  19. Smashing Pumpkins

    How do i change my characters Hair style?

  20. Its chest level, and I just dont know what hair styles I can do with it :/ I wash my hair at night, and I wash my hair every second day ( ex . If I washed my hair on a sunday i would wash it again on a tuesday )

    Please i would prefer no heating tools?

  21. I have curly hair and i can never find any cute hair styles to do in the morning before school. Could someone please tell me some?

  22. Guys and girls! What type of hair-style do you think is attractive, or eye-catching at 1st sight? Lol.
    Long, short, shoulder length, etc.
    Straight, permed, curly, etc.
    All answers and comments are welcome! (: Lol.

  23. I know i can download specific sims from the exchange, but even before the expansion packs came out, people were sharing their sims on the exchange with different hair styles than are offered on the basic sims 3. How do i get more hair styles without downloading frm th exchange or getting an expansion pack?

  24. I don’t mean hair CUTS, I mean hair STYLES. I usually straighten it or crunch it but that’s so boring. What are some other cute unique things I can do with my hair? Nothing too hard please! Thanks!

  25. My hair is not wavy and not even close to being straight! I don’t really like straightning my hair. I want some hair styles that I could use on my hair without looking like a poodle. Pictures would be great tooo.

  26. I’m an asian male that’s 15 I’m looking for some hair styles that would work for me. My hair is the typical “asian,” it’s black, flat and straight. I don’t want anything drastic and difficult to maintain, and no dying. It has to be casual (for school) and easy maintenance. I wear glasses and my face shape is oval (I think). I normally just let it grow naturally out, but I’d like something new.

  27. I know its a stupid question. im bored. but what hair style would be good without looking stupid? i would look stupid because i am wearing snow pants. i want the style to be up. (ex. curling ponytail, straight ponytail, bun,etc)
    *annie* stop putting that answer for every question. that site is most likely full of viruses! you did not have the same question in mind.

  28. I want a unique hair style for the school year. I already have the first week hairstyle planned out but I need a week two, three, four. I have a medium hair length and long layers and no I’m not getting it cut until december and I hate updos. Please give me an idea.

  29. Hello id like to know what kind of axe hair styling products is good for long hair the shampoo and the creams but the cream is more important i dont know which one is good for long hair so if someone knows please let me know.
    Thank you,

  30. I was thinking of trying a different hair style. I currently have it buzzed. I have an oval shaped face. I am about to go into college, if that helps at all. Any ideas?

  31. I looking for some simple hair styles that make you look like you are a pro at doing hair. I have about 1/2 inch past shoulder length hair.

  32. I have a straight black hair and was wondering which hair style matches with my black rimmed rectangle glasses. Please give me some ideas on which hair style should I make for the glasses to match. Thank you

    PS: Something not too complicated though

  33. I have a straight black hair. So, I want some ideas to make a new hair style when I wear my black rimmed triangle glasses.

    Can you give me some hairstyle that will match my glasses?
    Thank you :D

  34. Me and my friend r 13 and we want to start a natraul hair styling business. We both do r own hair and get compliments all the time. We want to start getting paid. So what do we need to do.

  35. Can you send images regarding the hair style for a bride with wide forehead.

  36. What are some good hair styles for an asian surfer like me, any pictures?
    What are some good hair styles for an asian like me, any pictures?
    I am wanting to try some new hair styles this summer. Nothing crazy or emo. If you have links of pictures give me the link.

  37. I do not use hair styling products very often, so I am wondering if there are procedures to ensure that my hair does not deteriorate. For example, do you need to wash your hair after it is gelling it (after the day is over and the gel has done it’s job, of course) to maintain the quality of your hair?

  38. Where can i find different hair styles sketches for females? A drawing tutorial would help. Please avoid videos.

  39. What hair style would let people know im gay without asking me ?

  40. I have short hair with a side bang and can just get it into two ponytails on the side. Please don`t just say to put accesories for my hair because I don`t have any besides bobby pins and hair clips. What are hair styles to do with short hair?

  41. My hair has always had greasy problems. What is the best hair style for me?

  42. This is a 3 part question.

    1) What sex are you (Girl or Guy)
    2) What pubic hair style do you prefer on yourself? Why?
    3) What pubic hair style do you prefer on your partner? Why?

  43. Is there a SW for hair style where you can include a phot and use the available hair style options to sink and view. Help please.

  44. if it is not good. what hair style’s you can recommend. except “bangs”. Some people say that semi-bald hair for me is the most appropriate hair cut because they say it make me more good looking. But it make my forehead looks bigger. any suggestions?

  45. lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    I have med/long length hair. I don’t know if I want to keep it long or cut it short. It gets very frizzy and bushes out at the crown. I do straighten it at times but would like a hair style that I wouldn’t have to use a lot of heat on it. Also, it gets curly which I like but if I wash it and need it to dry natural, It takes forever to dry.

  46. I have suddenly gained weight and most of it in my upper arms and shoulders.
    Pls let me know what hair style would suit me nd give me a slimmer look.
    What kind/color clothes should I wear to look slimmer or atleast less fat.
    And ofcourse this is for during the time that I am trying to lose weight.

  47. Does any one know any cool but really easy hair styles to do that have your hair up and tight? Photos, instructions and video links would be great!! I am really bad at doing anything harder than a braid on my hair and my parents can’t either.

  48. I want to know if there are any cute hair styles that a long haired girl can do the night before school! I want it to be impressive thanks!

  49. In recent years, probably more than a year now, the hair style I have been getting is buzz 4 on the side, and buzz 5 on top, is that out of style now? Also I usually put gel in my hair and spike it up with a comb, I am wondering is that an unattractive feature that girls do not like? What type of hair style do most girls find attractive? or does it depend on the guy?
    Which hairstyle would go good with me? the way I dress is Quiksilver, Volcom, Billabong, Abercrombie, Hollister, Hurley, etc. I wear Vans shoes with jeans. Here is how I look, should I change my hair style? what should it be? what would look good on me?:
    I am not saying which hair style in the pictures looks best on me, I am saying which hair style should I try to get that is not in those pictures? Which hair style would look good on me?

  50. I have very straight black hair. I want to grow my hair out a little bit – what are good hair styles for that? Examples? I don’t want any “emo” hair, just normal stuff.

  51. Im looking for a hair styling product that can add volume & “set” my hair but looks natural..

    Should i look for moose type, gel or spray?
    Im afraid those products are too oily and will weigh down my hair.
    Im also afraid that it will cause hair fall

    Any good recommendations?
    All answers r greatly appreciated! =D

  52. I’m starting school in about 1 week. I just want to know what are so cute back to school hair styles. Any tips/advice?

  53. Hi everyone,
    I was just wondering if any one had any idea for shart hair style suitable for a black tie event?
    I don’t know if this info will help anyone to help me but I’ll give it to you anyway:
    I’m 5’8″ tall with short dark brown and red hair (when I say short I mean short as in could wear it spikey on the back, slightly longer on top with a one sided fringe) and the dress I will be wearing is a full length silver skirt with a slight train and matching “corset” with beads on it.
    Hope someone can help me I’m really stuck for ideas.
    Thanks in advance.
    I forgot to mention also that I have a small tiara to wear, its just a simple silver band with a dragonfly on top slightly to one side.

  54. I want his new hair style the one where his hairs kinda spiky in the fornt or something. How do i do it like his? :) is it just in the front or the whole top? Hair spray, jell?

  55. Hello,I was just wondering what hair styling wax product is best for me, my hair is fine,thinning and short. I’d perfer a product that wouldn’t make my hair look greasy but look natural and clean, and I want it to last quite a long time. Thanks.

  56. I am an Indian and I can’t believe the number of pakistani girls friend request each day. If there are any pakistani in this section then help me to know why is it so. Are they crazy after Indian boys ?
    @ Nash : how can I believe if you are a girl ? I think you are a male pretending to be a gal.. ~

  57. I’m a pakistani girl myself and I’m not being racist when I say this but..
    Has anyone else noticed pakistani girls and guys are either stunningly attractive or horriblely ugly? I’ve never noticed a happy medium for some reason.

    I’m not being superficial or anything when I ask this, because obviously looks can be decieving and the inside matters more, I just noticed this.

  58. There are better trauma care and rehabilitation facilities in Dubai , London and in USA. Taking her to USA could involve long journey and may be impractical but why not shift her to Dubai or London ?

    In case of Malala Yusufzai, a pakistani girls shot by talibanis, Pakistan govt acted swiftly and she is recovering in one of the hospitals here in london.

    Why Indian govt is not acting fast and shifting girl in delhi bus case to a better hospital in the world ?
    Edit – @A face in the crowd – Please note that the girl is getting treated in Safdergunj hospital and not at AIIMS. Issue is, hospitals in London are far better equipped to manage the trauma and complex rehabilitation in such cases. Also there is less chance of ward infections like in India.
    Edit – Finally she is shifted to one of the best hospitals in the world in Singapore. Please note that it is not individual doctors but the processes followed by Hospital, their cumulative experience in handling trauma, multi organ transplant and rehabilitation is the key issue. Also post operation infection is one of the major concerns in India hospitals.

    Also there is a very big chance of organ failure ( Like kidney, liver or even sudden heart attack ) in this case. Hence when I posted the question I was surprised at the delay in shifting her.
    Edit – While posting this edit, unfortunately the girl has started facing multiple organ failure as I posted two days back and only miracle by god can save her. Issues are why Indian govt made so late in shifting her ? Why she was not treated at a better hospital than Safdurganj ? Why they took risk of shifting her after 11 day while she was very very critical ?
    Edit – Unfortunately girls died at 2.30 am IST Saturday in Singapore in Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

    No point in discussing – Why she was taken to Singapore so late ? Why she was not admitted to AIIMS ? How suddenly her brian Injury got detected after reaching Singapore ? Was she travel worthy in such critical conditions ?

  59. I’ve tried everything but I can never get the right flavour or consistency that my mum used to get, and the girl I married is Brasilian so she cant help. So short of marrying an Indian or Pakistani girl, how can I make this perfect dish. 10 points for anyone who can get me the perfect Karai.

  60. Because many Indian guys I know say they don’t like Indians and even prefer Pakistani girls because they have lighter skin.

    Basically Indian guys drool over good looking white and latin women.
    There women also get nose jobs to have noses like our, so I guess that is what they like.

  61. Hello !
    Myself an indian citizen wants to marry a pakistani girl. I know it is a 7 years long process in which the girl will be provided with the long term visa. But i want to know that in this long seven years wait will my wife will be allowed to go to pakistan to meet her family and also will we be able to go for holiday in india or outside in this 7 year long process till she get indian citizenship ?? Any lawyer here ?

  62. I am a 21 year old single Pakistani girl and i wish to travel to Dubai for tourism purpose for a week or less. I want to apply privately with the help of a touring agency – but without any sponsors in Dubai.
    However, I have heard that single women under 25 years of age are not granted visa.

    Can you please confirm?
    Also please quote a reliable website as reference.

  63. What do you people feel about Pakistani girls?

  64. I’ve met many Pakistani girls who were attractive, but I can’t say the same for their men. I’ve only met two Pakistani males who were attractive. Why is this so? Don’t get me wrong, some Pakistani men are good in other areas… some are very smart and kind, and all that. But, looks just aren’t their thing?
    I’m not racist. I’m Pakistani myself.
    I find Persian, Turkish, and some Arab men attractive. I can’t say the same for Pakistani or Indian men…

  65. Is it true that a white American extremest married a pakistani Girl to better himself

  66. Why Pakistani girls do not like to show their vaginae.I have seen some pk vaginae and they are beautiful
    Vaginae is pleural of vagina

  67. You always read about how Pakistani girls don’t get any education (rarely), they’re lower caste, they are married off when children themselves, their lives seem doomed by the mysogyny and false-superiority complex of abusive males…
    Yet we see Pakistani males crying over Bhutto? Please explain!

  68. I am living in Bahrain for around a year and I know quite a lot of places where I can find lots of girls with various nationalities like philipino, thailand, russian, syrian, labanse etc. Does anybody knows about a hotel or a similar place where I can find indian or pakistani girls for desi fun ?

  69. I’m a pakistani girl with green eyes,and none of my pakistani friends have it.

  70. I like this pakistani girl but i don’t know how to start this relationship off. I know it has to be slow and steady, but what do i have to do to get her to like me. I really want to marry her.

  71. This girl grown up in UK (stoke-op-trent), but wear pakistani dress, follows completely pakistani culture even living in UK, follows islam and well in praying. Myself i am also good muslim.

    Recently i will date with her for the very first time, but i will fly or by train to her from Europe to meet her alone. Its not family arrangement only between her and me.


    Now my confusion is she is not really european/westurn european type of girl, like go to restaurent and drink some wine or english food and thats it. She is kind of more Asian type. to impress her what would be the date plan that she can feel much better?

    1) Going to Subways, like train station and sitting there whole day? but what she and me we will eat? I dont know anything about UK this is my first visit too

    2) Is there any place where Asian type of romance can be made? Food + Asian type of place?

    What very special can be done in UK to date Pakistani girl whos origin is from Punjab?
    (Please helpppppppppppppppppppp!)

  72. I just don’t get. I am asian indian myself and shouldn’t indian girls be the most attracted to me of all girls? It is kinda confusing. I have no problem getting dates with white, black, hispanic, and even asian girls. But not indian girls. and pakistani girls treat me the same way as indian girls except they think they are oh so hot cuz they almost look “white”.

  73. Are pakistani girls the most attractive in the world? I have traveled quite a bit and comparing facial features of many different citizens it seems to me that Pakistani girls have got the most attractive looks naturally. I mean, they do not need a help of heavy make up. I might be wrong in my observation after all im a human being but i would like to know a neutral point of view from other citizens of the world.

  74. I’m an indian guy and I’ve always thought about wanting to marry pakistani girls. I know there are pakistani men who are married to indian girls but is it also the other way around?

  75. I just want if i can find some pakistani girl in bahrain, please be specific and give me some hotel names with pakistani and arab girls. Any arab natinality and pakistani only please.

  76. i have seen that 98% pakistani girls are so cute.

  77. It could be either way. Indian girl marrying a Pakistani boy, or Pakistani girl marrying an Indian boy.

  78. So yeahh im a Pakistani girl and there’s absolutely nothing but bad things about pakistanis in the media especially in England. Why not?! you know there’s plenty of shows about the bad things but nothing about the good parts of life and how we live culturally. I think my main question is do you think there should be one and if there is would you watch it?

  79. I find that pakistani girls are gorgeous and they look very similar to persians,turks,afghans and lebanese or other similar nationalities. In your opinion are they or not? & explain why.

  80. He want to marry a pakistani girl, he want that the girl live with him in turkey, tell me how that pakistani girl get turkish nationality. help

  81. one of my uncles who is german citizen (obtained his citizenship through marriage with a german lady) got married with a pakistani girls without giving divorce to his first wife. He is finally having a son from second wife. Is he (son) citizen of german? will he (uncle) be able to retain his citenship after giving divorce to his first wife? if yes will he be able to call his second wife when his marriage status is in doubt wihout dicorcing first wife as per german law?

  82. I am an albino pakistani girl. basically both my parents are kashmiri, I have blonde hair, fair skin and brown eyes. I have always dated white men as opposed to asian men as I just dont find them attractive. I am unique in my own special way but still struggle finding a man, because they cant seem to get their head around the fact that at the end of the day i am still pakistani!

  83. henryshensbcglobalnet

    especially those pakistani girls who have lived outside and have more of a culturally open view.

  84. I like this pakistani girl but i don’t know how to start this relationship off. I know it has to be slow and steady, but what do i have to do to get her to like me. I really want to marry her.

  85. Pakistani girl and live in gujrat. Online at this time.

  86. I live in Glasgow and really love Indian and Pakistani girls but I am finding it hard to meet them in the social environment. How can I meet then and have a chance to date them?

  87. I am 17 years old and I am a pakistani girl with dark eyes and dark hair. My skin is somewhat tan, but on the lighter side. I also have somewhat of a long nose so I don’t know if it will attract more attention to that. I was wondering if I should get a nose piercing and how should i wear it. I really don’t want look like a fob. That’s my main concern here. Thanks :)

  88. i just wants to know do you like pakistani girls?

  89. I’m talking like eye shape? Hair type? Body type? Because I myself am a pakistani girl but I’m always being told i don’t look it. I have an olive skin tone and brown eyes. My hair is quite long (almost down to my butt) and its wavy. I’m really petite (5’0). i’ve been told i have a good body I do have a butt (but small boobs unfortunately). I really don’t understand what about me makes me look not pakistani. I did read about pakistani girls and things say that the features I have are what most pakistani girls have so I’m confused?

    Any ideas?
    And please don’t be horrible I’m only asking..

  90. just curious about how other pakisnai individuals would confess their love to a pakistani girl, and how would they speak to them, i mean in which maner. i mean it is different from talking to an american girl because of culture and strictness. i figure it would be difficlut, so all the pakistani and indian people reply and the others can share their opinions. thanks

  91. and what do british pakistani girls think of pakistani guys as I have been told people in pakistan seem to find british pakistani girls aggressive as they don’t know how to deal with a family. Personally I think pakistani guys to be a bit different because of the cultural differences because we have been bought up differently WHAT ARE YOUR OPINIONS Just wanted 2 ask

  92. and don’t answer by saying Pakistan was once part of India. There is a huge difference in the way Pakistani people look from the Indian people. The cultures and religions are different.
    I have noticed that most Indian guys like Pakistani girls more than Indian girls. I need to know why is that .

  93. I am sure in India girls of her age studying in English medium schools can’t even speak half of the fluency she is speaking in English. How is this possible for a pakistani girl with all of her education in Pakistan? Suprisingly even her dad is near fluent in English. Did they have any connection with US/British before she was joined in London Hospital? I think so, unless this incident would never attained this much global hype. Taliban killed/brutally attacked hundreds of girls before her.

  94. I want to know about the british pakistani girls who wants to marry someone in pakistan(arrange marriage) or who wants to get marry in uk(love marriage) give awnser in two lines explaining reason

  95. Indians/ Pakistani girls seem to be dating openly nowadays with no shame. Even their parents don’t stop them. DO they have too much freedom?

  96. Despite that I’m British Bangladeshi, I am really attracted towards Pakistani chicks and I know so many Bengali mates of mine dating Pakistani girls and some are even married.

  97. lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    SO I met this pakistani girl. She’s beautiful, sweet, feminine but there’s just one problem: she has problems opening up to people. This further compounded by the fact that I absent mindedly gave her phone number to someone she didn’t know (which she actually cut our relationship off for). I was doing it to be an ass I just wasn’t thinking. Anyway…

    I know I screwed up, but I know I love this girl. In many ways she’s like me, she’s a fighter and even though that’s great for a job in the CIA FBI or military, it doesn’t work to well in relationships. But we both have/had affection for each other and I don’t want to lose someone so special out of my life.

    I’ve learned how to deal with the more vicious side of my personality, But she has not. How can I win her back? I know we would be a great couple, we’re “so cute” (as some would say) together and I know that this relationship would be healthy for both of us.


  98. the dude is the playboy pakistani guy. he is making love to his pakistani girl friend. they look intimate. the girl look willing. after 10 min into the intercourse, she starts sobbing. the guy is not particularly rought but he is filming themselves… there is classic music running in the background. the guy console her and continues…

    do girls cry when their bf make love to them? is it that she is worried that her playboy bf will play around leaving her? what is it?

  99. I visited Pakistan a few years ago, and I noticed that a lot of the girls there had really long toenails, to the point that they stuck out past their toes.
    And there are 2 Pakistani girls in my club, and they also keep their really long.
    I’m embarassed to ask them, ‘cuz I don’t want them to know I’m looking at their feet. I was waiting maybe for one to them to accidently kick me.
    But also, I watched a Locked Up Abroad where a journalist went to Afghanistan, and one of the girls told him that since they have to cover their bodies, and can’t show off their beauty, they make their feet look as nice possible.
    But both of the girls in my class dress normal.
    They usually wear open shoes, except when it’s cold, so IDK what their toenails look like when they’re covered.
    I also know this Punjabi girl who keeps her really long.
    Does anyone know why? Are there any Pakistani girls here who can tell me?

  100. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused

    Hi, iam an indian boy working in saudi and loving to a pakistani girl who is present living in pakistan and we both wanted to marry by the permission of our parent.Please let me know process how can i marry her by calling her in saudi or any other way is available.

  101. My friend is a American Pakistani girl who was born and lived in the USA her whole life, so even though she respects her pakistani tradition, her personality is similar to other decent families in America–not too outgoing, being polite, and focusing on education. She went to visit her girl cousins her age (early 20s) in Pakistan, and to her they appeared indirectly mean, selfish, and according to their facial expression, it looked like they were jealous of her. But, she could not tell for sure. All she knows is that those girls were very selfish, and they thought no one can be as beautiful as they are (I saw their pictures, and they do have good features). They thought they were something. But if their behavior with my friend is that way, are they considered beautiful?

    To anyone who knows about pakistani personalities, psychology, and behavior, can you please answer my question. What do you think?

  102. i’m paki, but i really reallyyy love black guys, i’m just really attracted to them. i find them to be really hot and i love the way they act and dress… i was just wondering if the feeling is mutual. do black guys like pakistani girls?

  103. I’m curious because i met a couple of Indian girls on a night out clubbing and we were getting on well, and we were kissing, dancing together etc, but i we got separated later in the night and never saw her after that. Do you think she would of slept with me? Do Indian/Pakistani girls do that sort of thing?

  104. I am and educated Indian guy and i don’t understand Why Pakistani girls ever look at me. I went to a cricket game between pakistani players and indian players. when i saw the pakistani girls in the stands, i was amazed how beautiful they look. how do i get a pakistani girl ?

  105. i need a hair style for bar mitzpha.
    heres my hair now::
    -long, (right below my

    some hair style ideas??
    (how to do them to please =])

  106. I need a hair style for oily hair so it wont look bad all the time.What hair colour would make my hair less oily looking.

  107. I have seen it before in the movies.
    They are Chinese men with what look like pony tails that are platted like a dread lock; but they have one of them hanging down; and the rest of their hair is cut short and is spiky.

    What is that type of hair style called?

    They are usually on young adult Chinese men.


  108. I am getting bored with the hair styles I use and I need some more ideas? I have naturally straighted hair. PLEASSEE HELP!!!!!

  109. just a list of hair styles please?, and i wanted to know how to do a loose bun? and how to keep your hair straight after straightening it, all day,thanks.

  110. I’m going into 8th grade, and have hair about an inch past my shoulders, it’s also extremely thin. any hair style ideas? (ps Im growing out my side bangs)

  111. We’re doing a project on Japan.
    3 other girls will be dressed as Geisha’s, with hair like them.

    I have short hair a bit like this (anya monzikova)

    IS there any hair style that I could do for my hair?

    Also, how can I properly do a Geisha hair style for the other girls?


  112. im growing my hair out to below my bust before school and i want some cute hair styles for below shoulder length hair…(thats how long my hair is now..)

  113. what is elfin style hair

  114. Im tired of my hair!!!
    its blonde, thick, length is like a couple inches past my shoulders and straight.
    and im bored with it so does anyone have any cute hair styles??
    thanks =]

  115. wwwavid360gamercom

    I have curly hair, not like REALLY curly, but it is really unmanageable. When I leave it down, it’s kind of poofy.What are some curly hair styles that might make it less poofy?

  116. any 1 no some good hair styles or a website ?????????

  117. ohkk , i saw thiss hair style that i really like. well , i want like a small braid across halff of my head . like on the side. it looks really cute. but i dont really know how to explain it. a braid from the right side of my part . but small not thick . anybody have any ideas on how to do it. or how it would look cute ?!
    pleaseeee help! i wanna do this hairstyle for school tommorrooww . (:
    THANKSS . (;

  118. What do you call the hair style where you have twists going to the side all the way around your head and the little hair in the top?

  119. I have very thick and curly hair, but I never know what to do with it as I need to use so much product.
    Could anyone please give me some easy ideas on how to do my hair in different styles??
    Thank you!
    My hairs medium length, (just over the shoulders) with layers.

  120. I have pale pink toned skin, very dark hair with red highlights, and it’s 2 or 3 inches more than shoulder-length and very wavy, or quite curly. I have a full fringe and layers and I’m totally stuck for ideas for new hair styles in my 3rd year at high school. PLeeeeease help.

  121. hi i need a new hair style for 2012
    my hair is brown, wavy and up to my armpits plus i have a side fringe
    i only have 35 minutes to get to the bus so it needs to be quick and no buns (i wear them every day)
    please help thanks XX.

  122. what is the best water proof makeup? I have wavy longish hair does any1 hav any ideas for any hair styles i can use for the beach? thanxs!!!

  123. I need some cute but quick hair styles. I have straight blond hair that goes to about my armpit. I really need your help.

  124. im in middle skool. & i usally just ware mii hair down[straightened]

    i really need sum esay hair styles that i can do fast in the morning.

    thnx. :]
    also mii hair is about shoulder length. &blonde.

    &+ i have bangs.

  125. Interesting hair styles for curly hair anybody?

  126. I want to get a punk rock hair style. I have wavy hair. I’m also chubby ish. I want to get a hair style that would look good on me, but is also punk rock. I also don’t like straightening my hair. I don’t want to get a mohawk or a liberty hawk. I need ideas.
    I’m trying to grow my hair long, I don’t want to cut it too much.
    hahahaha J*

  127. well my cousin is a hair dresser, and she is giving me a free hairstye. so i was wonderig what are some realy nnice hair styles for straight hair? thanx

  128. i have curly bright red hair dyed, i have hair that comes down to my chest, i need some awesome hair styles. ten points:’)

  129. I have sorta short hair and it’s thick and curly I love my hair and I have bangs and layers any hair styles?

  130. Can someone give me some free sites that have diffrent hair styles on them, I am trying to look for a certain hair do but I dunno how to explain it so im trying to find a picture so when I go to the hair cuttery I can show it to the person doing my hair

  131. Can anyone suggest a hair style for length which is above my shoulders and needs a style? I don’t want a bob, mulette, or boy short.

  132. I am very short for time, my sons hair cut is today, and I have been letting it grow out a little to see about getting him something different. The plan was just to allow longer bangs, but lastnight I was messing with his hair and gave him one of the new in shaggy hair styles. Would it be ok to maybe just let his hair grow out long and give him a shag hair cut?
    Such as this…

    I just dont want him to get picked on or anything, because most of the boys at his school seem to have very short hair. He really wants the cut though.
    I dont understand where everyone is getting this to be my choice? I said HE REALLY WANTS THE HAIRCUT.. I tried it on him because his hair is pretty close any ways… it looked great, I just dont want him being made fun of for having longer hair. Boys at 5 are different then the teens. I could see how they could get the wrong idea.

  133. Do you have any good hair style websites?????
    Really appreciated!!!
    10 points for the most sights.
    Cheers =)

  134. Im going to the pool but i still want to look good even though my hair is still going to get messed up but idk what the latest summer hair style is HELP PLEASE!

  135. I have longer blond hair but never know what kind of hair style to do. I have thinner hair, but need styles. Not trying to brag, i love my hair and enjoy doing new things but dont know what to do. Casual please(:

  136. i am greek, im dark white, i have black hair, and facial hair. i wear my hair either short almost buzzed with a clean line up, or i grow my hair out to my shoulders where it is straight but kinda curls at da bottom, that i where wit a full beard. i am built and average height, not skinny or tall, so which hair style do u think women would be more attracted too? sorry i have no pics
    my parents are Greek, both actually from Greece. They moved to america wen my older sister was born. but yea, dis wat happens wen u grow up in cincinnati

  137. I just got my hair cut, and i hate it ! it looks horrible when i straighten it, and even uglier when i put it up. Its a little above shoulders and there are A LOT of layers, and they go pretty short, Do you have any hair style ideas ??

  138. I want to do a hair style on my own without having to get extensions or anything like that. I have short hair, and my face is kind of an oval shape. I like straight hair styles, but I like some curly styles.

  139. So Freshman year is in a few days .. Ahhhh !
    & I really wanna look good.. but just not over the top you know what I mean?
    So I wanted a few hair styles for curly hair because last year I straightened my hair a lot that it eventually became damaged. :) I really like Taylor Swift’s hair .. but the thing is that it’s always the same and I don’t wanna have the same hair style everyday.. so I might need a few.

    &&& Btw. I KINDA have bangs, dark brown thick (kinda damaged) hair. Oval face.

    Hehe. Thanks guys :) <3
    Wish me luck for high school .

  140. what hair colour do u have and how its like also tell me wot is the best hair style thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. cute hair styles of short medium hair. any body have anything?

  142. I need a new hair style help me!!

  143. I have stong hold hair gel, curling iron and flat iron, scrunchies, brushes (duh), and and 4 inch past shoulder length straight brown hair. Style suggestions???

  144. What hair style is in for a 20 yr old girl right now or is there any web sites I can look at to help me pick a new do

  145. my hair is a few inches below my shoulders in length, it is light brown, and very thick. My hair has a nice texture. When i scrunch it, it looks so big, and puffy. It takes me 45 min to straighten.I simply dont have the time. I’m in high school. please help me with a better time manage for my hair or an easy hair style that i could do!

  146. i have straight brown hair and i need a easy hair style to do for skool but i only wear my hair down can u give me some pictures plz thanks!

  147. i dont want any thing to flashy but nothing too plain i have shoulder length brown hair with blonde highlights any good hair style’s that arnt scene or emo Thankyou!!!

  148. I have a round face n little chubby.
    I have a medium length hair which is soft, bit scanty n slightly copperish.
    Plz suggest me with good hair style which suits my face.
    Will the feather cut hair style suit me…

  149. Ok here is me in a nut shell… I am in my 20′s, a mom of a 3 year old, I work full-time, and go to school part-time. I love new hair styles and colors. Right now I have medium brown hair, and its it just past my shoulders. I do not have bangs, and really don’t want either. I have been thinking about cutting my hair shorter (chin length). Does anyone have any suggestions that would give me a hip mommy look, but does not take a long time to do in the mornings?
    p.s. I have wavy thick hair but I usually don’t have trouble with volume. If that helps anyone…

  150. i cut my hair really short in the summer and now it’s almost to my shoulders, what are some easy fun cute looking hair styles?
    also, my hair is very thick, and straight, thx

  151. I want some cute hair style for school can you guys and girls help me out by showing my step by step and maybe some picture or just by telling that would be nice thanks.( my hair is wavy I like curly styles and straight)

  152. It is knotty, thick, frizzy, what hair styles could I do with my hair, not cut it, but style it with no heat. 10 points. Thanks
    I am a teenage girl. My hair is blonde, just below my shoulders.

  153. OK, so first of all, I want to say that I am not looking to connect with any girls here or do anything untoward.

    I just wanted to put this question out there because I am a muslim guy of pakistani background, and I was considering marrying soon. The thing is, when it comes to muslim girls, I like Arab girls a lot, because quite a few of them are very good looking and have a great sense of style.

    So I wanted to ask if Arab girls in general feel positively or negatively about pakistani guys. I know there are always exceptions, but in general, are we veiwed as dark/ dirty/ hairy or unattractive, or are we looked at in a better light when it comes to being in a relationship with one of us ?
    I just get the impression arab girls really dont like us, which is why i ask

  154. I’m just wondering what your opinions on us are haha.
    Personally I think Muslim girls that wear hijabs are beautiful,(and yes I know Arab/Pakistani == Muslim and vice versa)
    But I think Arabs and Pakistanis are beatiful in general.
    Of course my chances with them are slim anyway because a majority of them are Muslims, they aren’t allowed to date at all, let alone non Muslims, and I am a devout Catholic who would under no circumstances convert.
    But I’m still curious:) haha

  155. hi ya, just moved to toronto from london (uk). my folks are going crazy looking for girls and i was thinking may be i should take the lead instead. i live in north york and there aren’t a lot of pakistani/punjabi families here. where do u reckon i could meet some ladies from punjabi/pakistani origin in toronto?

  156. i dont know anything about pakistani girls,sometimes i visit pakistan and there is this girl i met she is shy, doesnt like to do much stuff , she is 3 yrs older than me , but there is something about her that i really like but i dont know what to do and she is 3 yrs older than me, she doesnt use FB VERY VERY RARELY , So plz help ???

  157. My pakistani friend says that she doesn’t think she is prettty and a lot of people think pakistani people arn’t it true i think she is pretty.Do you find pakistani girls pretty ?

  158. Heyy I’m a pakistani guy and I’m White as he’ll!!!! I mean it people actually think I’m White. I dont really have a problem with it but eerm well.. the girl I like have to have a bit of colour :p (no racial it’s just my type).

    All my friends who are girls are pakistanis and I’m just wondering would you ever date me?

  159. hi
    my question is about sex. do u girls also wana have or think about sex when u see a guy i mean before marrige. i just wana know and would u have sex if u get a chance.


    i mean, her facial features, skin color etc
    thanks frank!
    @rebecca….awwwwww thats so sweet, thnx :)
    @ rebecca, thats not weird, but the only problem is that i lived in usa most of my life, and i dont really know where the ravi river is :( i really wanna go there!!!
    and i cant believe your dating a biracial…..puke!
    btw….does he look more toward white or indian?
    well….i know they’re being mean, but people just dont want their races to extinct. thats why its considered interracial marriages are considered “disgusting” to south asians
    all im sayin is that interracial marriages are a bad idea becuz it kills heritage, language, religion, and there is gonna be a lot of communication gaps between his family and your family

    ….im just tellin you

  161. What do you men out there think of pakistani/indian girls? Are you attracted to them or do you find them to be ugly? Are there things that turn you off to them?

    Just wondering….

  162. Dear All,

    i serioualy need to find an answer other wise i am going to go insane, I really dont know where did i went wrong in life.

    i have time and again failed in love. I am 32 i am the head of Marketing at an international firm and I am considered good looking. I am from Kashmeer and work in Pakistan. I came from humble backgrounds but all of us Siblings are in good jobs now. Although none of us is married yet. I am the eldest of my siblings. And in our society marriage is something that is a must by 25 for a girl so you can see i am already late.

    I am a deviant from our society. a rebel you can say. My parents have been supportive of us and encourraged us always. I hosted a TV show for a year. i was a theater actor and worked with broadway musicians on their visit to Pakistan 2 years ago. I performed as VELMA kELLY in chicago i also choreographed the play. Phantom of the Opera , Home is where you clothes are and many other such plays are on my credit. living in Islamabad i choreographed weddings and plays. i am considered to be a good dancer but i never professionally danced but on ameture theater plays or friends weddings.

    i am independent i live with my sister in the capital with my parents living in Kashmeer. and my brothers mainly abroad. I earn a good salary. I look after my parents somewhat financially but they are not entirely dependent on me.

    At work I am an achiever a hard worker. My friends like me for being straight forward and honest and for my sense of humour. I have never benn drinking or smoking. Despite living alone from a very young age. I had my own curfews.

    All of this that defines me goes against me in my country. I am judged constantly by people around me. Because in Pakistan my qualities project me as a girl who is in charge and can never be suppressed and can not be dictated to. I am of loose character because I did a TV SHOW(based on marital issues unfortunately) and I worked on stage (it doesn’t matter if they were classy plays). I am not a girl of character because I work and live alone and away from my parents and I don’t wear a dupatta. These shockingly enough are the opinions of apparently many educated and progressive families as they don’t want a girl like that for their son. Even the progressive foreign qualified guys don’t want a wife like that for themselves.

    I have never been ashamed of what I liked to do. But at this point in time facing so many proposal rejections even from within family, having men in my life who are willing to spend time with me but not commit to me, I have started to doubt my choices in the past. Every one who worked with me has told me you shouldn’t be in this country (as a compliment) you work like a man. You are so strong and bla bla.

    But settling abroad is not easy and I am stuck here with my family. And like every other girl I wanted to get married and have kids. But all the men in my life were willing to stay my boyfriends and never become anything more to me because I am intimidating.

    What should I do? Where am I wrong? I know we are not defined by other people’s opinions about us. I know I need to surround myself with people who love me and value me. But I am friends with the upper class society kids they can get away with all of this and much more and still find themselves a groom. As grooms for them are selected based on their class, status, wealth and these petty things about what she wears how she is doesn’t matter . All that matters is whose daughter she is.

    I am from humble backgrounds I am self made I don’t have an ancestry that can hide my so called flaws. I used to work hard to pay my tuition fees. I have had a tough child hood. I am not a super model , and my father doesn’t hold a position in the society as others would have. We are plane folks with just enough to live reasonably. My father is well respected for his character and honesty. He is a religious scholar but an enlightened one who believe in the freedom of his children’s choices. But in the family unlike my other uncles he still exists in the background. I grew up watching him phased out at imp events and I vowed to achieve things in life and all of us did. But where do I stand in this unappreciative society where I am judged constantly. Where my father is criticized for being a religious scholar but still unable to control his daughter who went on to do a tv show? Who didn’t make me wear a viel?

    I couldn’t care less of the hypocrates but left right centre I am surrounded by them where do I run? Where can I find love? Where can I find acceptance for myself and my people.?

    Is it my fault? That no one thinks that I am worthy of a marriage proposal?
    What should I change to live happily

  163. The thing is that when i ask them out they keep on saying no, why is it that they all say no based on my ethnicity? i don’t understand once they all no i fancy them they say no. other people say it is because of my ethnicity that is why they don’t want to go out with me.

  164. my little sister is a redhead, and her hair is so beautiful and silky. is red hair a mutation. Becuase my dad has red hair but my grandparents and great great grandparents are all dark haired so how did my dad randomly get red hair?
    sorry I didn’t make myself clear, i meant is it a mutation in general like in any population. I heard that it was, and i know red hair is lovely.

    ok bye

  165. not compared to a white person, but compared to the overall human population?

    these are some pakistani girls-
    i consider that to be Light Skin.

    ive seen light skinned Indians too, but the frequency of Light skin with Pakistanis seem to be higher.

  166. I think these girls are so beautiful, Honourable and faithful. All I’ve had is ‘fun’ girls, but I find it hard to trust them
    Pakistan, indian etc girls appear different. I could be wrong but at least I wana know. The thing is… There’s racial tension between my race (white) and these other cultures in my home town. So even talking to one is hard. These type of girls would be disowned, and punished if she was ever to date a white man.

    Is this desire a lost cause?

  167. Right, so I`m Bengali & I`ve being dating a Pakistani girl for the past 5 months. Things are good between us, but lately I`ve been seeing this other girl (& now the ladies are gonna say “what a d**che”, but i had my reasons). So now Im gonna be straight up & ask my girl to break up. But the problem is that this other girl is also Bengali, so my gf might think it`s a race thing. But honestly speaking, me liking this girl has nothing to do with her race. I`m just attracted torwards her. So girls (& guys) any ideas on how to soften the blow???

  168. hello. I am a Caucasian american and I have recently met a girl who, I believe, is Pakistani. does anyone have tips for dating a girl from this culture?

    we had one date. she had a drink, said she liked steak, and did not wear a head scarf; so I assume she isn’t super devout. however, I would like to avoid offending her or making any cultural missteps, so any help would be appreciated. I don’t think she eats pork (since she said she eats cheese pizza)

    also, her parents are fairly traditional (and don’t speak very fluent english), so her upbringing was probably fairly traditional.

  169. i am pakistani but want to know why british pakistani girls like other british bangladeshi guys, why do pakistani girls like bengali guys so much, do they fancy them or just like a big c**k? sorry but i cant understand, please enlighten me of your views especially if your british pakistani female, thanks

  170. im a Pakistani and i saw this comment on one of the answers..

    “it’s the opposite, Pakistani are rarely pretty..
    Indian are more pretty.. but still are rarely beautiful if we compare to the other ethnicities.”

    wasn’t that a lil rude.. anyway are Pakistani girls ugly?

  171. what is there in the INDIAN girls that they look very charm, attractive and sexy more than PAKISTANI girls at wahga border ceremony?

  172. i was just wondering, as due to the media lately does that have an affect upon the opinions based upon guys wanting to have a relationship with a pakistani girl? (d.b.m family etccccc)
    thanks xx btw including guys from all ethnicities and religeons…

  173. she’s my age, 16, and she’s obviously is interested in me (not gonna go into detail) but she’s really cute and i wanted to know if i should ask her out or not. she’s pakistani, so I’m kinda “ify” about asking her out because I’m not sure if there religion allows it. and I’m white btw.

    It’s not an issue of me being nervous or not being myself, because I have no fear in asking her out.

    I just don’t want to ruin the friendship if I find out she can’t date guys tht are white

  174. Sory am not racist.

  175. i am in love with paki girl,but dont know how to express my feelings.
    coz its my first time.i am indian italian and i love her alot than myself.

  176. what do men think of pakistani girls?
    I am pakistani and i feel like one reason I’ve never had a BF is b/c men don’t like pakistani girls. I’m 24 yo.

  177. Hi guys,

    I recently got introduced to an emirati guy from Dubai. He says that he is serious about marriage and would marry me. Thing is that I’m a Pakistani girl and as far as I was aware Arabs from the emirates categorically do not marry Pakistani girls, due to the sheer dislike of them in Arab society and the family and community would not accept it.

    Could someone give me so insight/advice please?

    Many Thanks!
    Do emiratis marry Pakistanis, or is he just misleading me?
    I need someone in the emirates to answer me, as they are well aquainted withe the customs there.

  178. I am half Pakistani and i was curious to know….

  179. I never understood why they love pakistani girls so much not even indian girls just pakistani?? Help lol

  180. Well these foreigners taking advantage on Innocent girls who are Pakistanis…i know this person who is a TV Presenter works on radio shows and his from India..we been chatting on Facebook and he invited me to his private apartment and start feeling me up…touching me i was scared i couldn’t stop him because i thought he might rape me…do u think i should report to the police no 1 won’t gonna believe me and he has lot supporters there don’t want public to know…….
    Everybody know’s him..People will take it wrong idea about me. This person is a pervert ……..He will gonna lie twist words about me…
    Because he tricked me he said i can work with his radio shows and i trusted him and believed him……Of course us Muslim girls will get accused……..BUT Why DID HE DO THIS HE SAID I WAS HIS BEST MATE TOOK ADVANTAGE OF COURSE….
    he tricked me he said i have appointment that’s why i went alone….he told me i can helps his documentary’s i didn’t realized he was bad person……..
    Well its true Sikh Guys take advantage specially foreigner’s.. This person choose me for some reason i was easy target that he must have noticed so he just thought he can touch me like no one wont gonna believe me….

    I asked him why did you choose me to work with you on your radio shows he said’ because i am that sort person i don’t talk clever i m’ innocent attractive girl……

  181. I’m a Pakistani girl with Indian, Arabic,Northern Pakistani mix origin.I want to know would a White or any british guy date a Pakistani girl? They usually freak out about the whole Muslim thing but let me tell not even half of the girls here our religous or anything like that and they’re very pretty.

  182. I want a new hair style,
    My hair is probably 3 inches under my shoulders at the moment, but i want a new drastic change
    I’m thinkin of going for an inverted bob, what do you recommend?
    and is this still fashionable?
    or can people recomment what hair styles are in for winter 08

  183. i think due to good behavior but every girl has different behavior

  184. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused

    Most of the time I get chatted my Indian/Pakistani guys, or usually they just stare at me and then
    start giving compliments.

    I’m just curious, what do these guys like about white chicks?

  185. hey, i’m pakistani, and people say i am quite pretty, what do you guys think about us and why?? please give your opinions.
    Tech N9ne it is a real qusetion asked by many people, your obviously not interested in this subject so don’t click on links like this again.

  186. I’m a Pakistani guy living in the UK for last 6 years and i have noticed that most of our girls are being misled and probably end up being with a white guy although there are many beautiful Pakistani guys in the UK.

  187. hey im just curious since everyone thinks that asian guys dnt like white girls bt do dey like pakistani girls btw i am pakistani

  188. I’m just wondering, a bit curious really
    I live in an area where there are lots of White people (no racism intended) n it’s just sumtimes I feel kind of ugly, because of all the pretty White people O_O

    Im 5″5, dark brown hair and eyes, I got really pinky/red lips (thot I’d mention cuz they kinda stand out) n my friends tell me I’m pretty O_O !! xP
    my skin is a bit tanned, like a golden colour (not sure but that’s the type of foundation I buy aha)

  189. Well im a Persian teen girl and I have many Arab and Pakistani friends.I was wondering why pakistani girls won’t ever wear a mini skirt or a tank top…let alone even wear capris..cuz us Persian and Arab girls dress totally American and seem to b more popular and outgoing in school , whereas pakistani girls seem to be more shy and conservative .
    Why is that?
    Well..Pakistani r muslims and almost every persian is…. as well as most arabs so i dont see ur point.That doesnt seem to give them a reason to be conservative.

  190. Be honest. I’m 14 and Pakistani, people say nobody’s attracted to them, is that true?

  191. I have found that the guys you goes for studies or work to west, they dont marry the muslim girls raised abroad and they go back to their home countries to marry and then go back to west. Why this happens? specially for pakistanis

  192. Reasons why I would want to marry a pakistani girl over a hindu girl:

    There better looking than indian girls
    They’re both strong physically and mentally.
    In general, I’m just sick and tired of indian people.
    Last but not least, they eat MEAT.

    I know for the last reason that seems pathetic but only because I grew up in an indian family where noone eats meat no one in my family, none of my siblings from my moms side, some aunts and uncles from my dads side and most of our friends eat meat. I could care less about that not all indians are vegetarians that some eat meat because of the family I grew up with. Plus indian people annoy me with the fact that everytime I go to a restaurant like taco bell or pizza hut, all the annoying indians I have to keep hearing say I want this without meat, that without meat, it drives me crazy. Plus I talk about it all the time that I want to marry a pakistani girl and deep inside me I think I am meant for them. I could care less about the terrorist crap that people say about muslims because not all of it is true. White people or anyone else can be terrorists too. Please let me know what you all think. Also, I AM NOT RACIST AGAINST INDIAN PEOPLE, there are just things I hate about them. Again please let me know what you think of my idea.
    Angel, thats why I always ask first
    Sorry I also want to add that when I want to marry a pakistani girl, I want her to be a working woman not a house wife, I dont want kids, for her to make 50k-100k salary. I want her to come from a good family background but it doesnt have to be great, it can be average. I would also want to find out about their personality but pretty much I know how most of them are, they do have an attitude if you piss them off but I’m sure it’s like that with everyone. In our religion to many people it is a big deal if the woman or man you want to marry eats meat or not, to some people there are couples that are mixed where one eats meat and the other doesnt.

  193. The Dark Knight

    I am only 15 but 6 foot 4 inches tall. On TV you always see men at normal height or so portrayed as attractive. I know you are not suppose to believe everything the TV shows X_X but it does make me wonder, so I ask you now in my mood of curiosity. Sorry if this question seems pointless =/
    Thanks for the responses btw =p

  194. Rate these kpop members from least to most attractive. (obviously they’re all pretty in there own way but I’m just curious to see what the fans think) ready, set, go!

    SNSD- Tiffany
    SNSD- Joohyun
    After School- Kahi
    After School- Nana
    After School- Jooyeon
    2NE1- Dara
    2NE1- Bom
    f(x)- Victoria
    4 Minute- Hyuna
    T-ara- Jiyeon
    please state which is your “least attractive” and “most attractive”, thanks!
    please state which is your “least attractive” and “most attractive”, thanks!

  195. what do guys find more attractive on a girl : her face or her body?
    and what about her face or body do u find physically attractive?

  196. I am a female with a tongue as big as Gene Simmions(The Kiss Dude)
    I was wondering If guys find that attractive?

  197. Is that possible?

    Being attractive seems like a lot of pressure if your AWARE of it. Wouldn’t you always have to feel judged?

    Can someone NOT like being attractive seriously?
    To Mrs. Goodness,

    That depends on the women I feel. Not all women who are good looking get written off as “stupid.”

    But I hear ya though. THANKS!

    Good points!

  198. I am just curious as to how many men find women smokers attractive or can tolerate it around them?

  199. Do girls find arms that are muscular but veiny attractive?
    There not blur or redish, their just the color of my skin.

  200. How is someone attractive?How is someone attractive?How is someone attractive?How is someone attractive?How is someone attractive?How is someone attractive?

  201. Why do boys find legs attractive ? :)

  202. Do u find indian girls(from india) attractive women??

    and what do u find attractive?

  203. From my experience, the type of men my girlfriends and i find attractive turn out to be jerks. Why ?!?!?!

  204. mal_functiongeo

    ok guys what do ye find attractive?? x

  205. Hey could U list some things which makes a man attractive.


  206. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    Who has it better.. attractive women or attractive men? And who has it worst.. ugly women or ugly men?

  207. henryshensbcglobalnet

    What do you think is the…
    Most attractive fire sign. Male and Female.
    Least attractive fire sign. Male and Female.
    Most attractive earth sign. Male and Female.
    Least attractive earth sign. Male and Female.
    Most attractive air sign. Male and Female.
    Least attractive air sign. Male and Female.
    Most attractive water sign. Male and Female.
    Least attractive water sign. Male and Female.

  208. I really have attractive but i want to be more attractive?

  209. In your eyes is size zero attractive?

  210. alright first off, i know they aren’t called “gauges” but that’s what most people refer to stretched ears as. but my lobes are @ 5/8ths right now. i plan to go to atleast an inch, hopefully an inch and a half if my ears are thick enough. and i was just wondering what guys/girls think. if ANYONE out there BESIDES myself and people with plugs, find the attractive or interesting. & please do not comment on this telling me how i’ll regret it and my ears will never go back to normal and that i’ll need to surgically fix them. lmfao, it’s okay, I’M AWARE.

  211. I wonder Why do guys dont find me attractive?

  212. do u find me attractive?
    thanks so much guys…i was feelin very self conscious! ur the greatest email me
    all who thought i was attractive…plz email me pepperhottie11

  213. Plzzzz help I wanna look attractive

  214. Does everyone give you their phone number if your attractive (and you ask for it) and has anyone ever given you a fake number

  215. my guy friend said that he finds me attractive. so is that just a physical thing?

    this q is really for guys but girls can answer too
    ok hes been my friend for years and that was exactly what he said i find u attractive like out of no where in our conversation
    it was just me and him at the time

  216. I love to play video games! like all the time with my friends.
    Do guys find this attractive?

  217. Like broad shoulders are attractive on men?
    Michael – What do you mean?

  218. How come for the most part mixed people are attractive unless they are overweight or they face is very crooked? Maybe I’m weird but I don’t find Tiger Woods or Wentworth Miller attractive. Are they attractive?
    Not I’m not talking about just black & white mixes. I’m talking about all mixes. For instance, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba, Kristin Kreuk, Keanu Reeves, Vanessa Ann Hudgens, Beyonce Knowles, Cassie Steele, Tomika Skanes, Adriana Lima, Kimora Lee, Amerie, Ashanti, Tyson Beckford, Dena Cali, Mariah Carey

  219. Jeanelle the Retard

    i am attractive but i wanna be more attractive what do i do

  220. Hey I was wondering if this sounds exotic/attractive:

    Long straight black hair (2 inches past boobs)

    Full lips

    Small nose

    Large round dark brown eyes

    Tan skin

    So I was wondering, what would you think if a girl described herself like that? Attractive or not?

  221. Need opinions…do you think its better to be attractive or pretty? What is the difference between the two?

  222. Do girls find football players or baseball players more attractive ??

  223. guys, would u find a stick-skinny girl attractive??

  224. if some one is attractive does every one find them attractive or is people usually only attractive to some people?

  225. How is someone attractive?How is someone attractive?How is someone attractive?How is someone attractive?How is someone attractive?How is someone attractive?How is someone attractive?How is someone attractive?

  226. Smashing Pumpkins

    Do you or would you have an ugly friend? I don’t want to sound shallow but I can’t hang out with anyone I dont think is attractive.

  227. Which is better or more attractive on a girl?

    •Long legs and a shorter torso
    •Long torso and shorter legs
    I know personality is best, and I can’t change who I am, but I want to know what the world thinks is more attractive on a girl :)

  228. Source:

    I couldn’t get the actual Psychology Today! Articles working as links since I’m on a mobile device.

    But do you agree that less attractive men make far better partners than very attractive ones?

    Claiming less attractive males are more supportive, and invest more time into a relationship compared to their more attractive counterparts.

    Is this all BS in your opinion? Lol

  229. Here is a straightforward question, mos self conscious Women should be able to Answer.
    Do you find Music Conductors AttrACTIVE?

  230. henryshensbcglobalnet

    I’m 16 and wondering if 8 inches an attractive length for someone my age?

  231. what makes a female physically attractive and does physically attracive mean the same as beautiful?

  232. Just out of curiosity, do Turkish men find natural redheads attractive?

  233. hey do i look attractive, cause theres a girl im meeting and i wanna know that im attractive!/photo.php?pid=31188718&id=1194202609&ref=fbx_album

  234. I have almost almond shaped blue eyes.
    Is this am attractive trait?

  235. How important is fashion in making someone more attractive???

  236. Whats makes a girl attractive, what looks are attractive and personaluty wise ?:)

  237. I have a libra rising and i am very attractive.

  238. Well, I’m a sone and I find Sooyoung very attractive. Whaty do you guys think?

  239. teenagers…what makes a girl attractive?

  240. My friend wanted me to post this and i also wonder why, but my friend is a very attractive female every one thinks she’s so pretty, but she says no attractive men ever come up to her, is this maybe cos attractive men just think there too good for any one or maybe they could be shy? or think there standards don’t reach hers?

  241. Pretty random question but are people with nice smiles usually attractive or unattractive? Or is it totally unrelated?

  242. how do you determine if the person is attractive…?..¦¬) what makes a person attractive to you?
    - Yes physical – personality wise…¦:¬)
    - Lol faith…¦¬)

    - unknown identity: I get you…
    - @nappy_rootz: attractive to me? ah…i just like someone who knows how to dress… like good fashion sense…and someone who laughs alot…
    - @nappy_rootz: lol…Ecko…yikes…that’s “so 2000 n late” lol (Fergie)…
    - Yeah I customize my own jeans too…I alter all of them..

  243. Whenever I meet someone new they say that I am pretty and attractive.I dont exactly know what being attractive really means.I tried asking my friend once who made fun of me and called me proud.So,what exactly does being attractive mean?

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